Southern Korea: Whether a non-Korean guy hitched to a South Korean girl gets the straight to reside in Southern Korea; whether he’s got the ability to develop into a resident of Southern Korea; procedures for him to get permanent resident status or citizenship in Southern Korea

The after information ended up being supplied on 23 March 2001 by the official during the Embassy of Canada in Seoul.

Regarding whether a man that is foreign to a Korean girl has the directly to work with and start to become a permanent resident of Korea:


No, he doesn’t have the ability to operate and start to become a resident that is permanent of. He’s to use and become given an F-1 status (temporary residence), legitimate as much as 12 months, and continue steadily to restore their status before it expires. F-1 status just enables him in which to stay Korea together with partner and doesn’t offer him the ability to exert effort.

Regarding the means of a guy in this case to have residency that is permanent the right be effective in Korea:

There’s absolutely no resident that is permanent in Korea. If a person wishes in which to stay Korea completely, he would need to be naturalized or simply just keep renewing their status. To function in Korea as a foreigner, you will have to be sponsored by way of business and get a work visa from Korean Immigration. No foreigners are permitted to work with Korea without work authorization until you are an F-4 owner (a internationwide national of Korean origin – with the exception of ethnic Koreans in Asia and Russia). Also an F-4 owner doesn’t have residence that is permanent Korea.

Regarding whether a Korean girl hitched to an international guy gets the straight to sponsor her spouse’s application to be a citizen that is korean

In accordance with article 6 (2.1) and 6 (2.2) of Korea’s Nationality Act, a foreigner needs to be hitched to a Korean nationwide and become registered as being a resident that is legal of (article 5, Nationality Act Ordinance) for just two or even more years before he’s permitted to make an application for naturalization. Anybody who is hitched outside of Korea has got to be hitched for at the least 36 months and stayed in Korea as being a resident that is legal a number of years before he could be permitted to make an application for naturalization. As soon as he or she has lived in Korea for the minimum needed period, she or he can put on to have a naturalization assessment and submit appropriate papers detailed in article 3 (2) of Korean Nationality Act Ordinance. As soon as she or he is regarded as to own pleased all needs, she or he can get a Minister’s license in order to become A korean resident (Article 3 and 4 associated with the Enforcement Decree associated with Nationality Act).

Regarding whether a woman that is korean international spouse gets the straight to live in Korea while their application for citizenship is pending:

It requires more or less 8 months before a naturalization choice is created. During this period, you’ve got to adhere to any visa needs put down by the Immigration Control that is korean Act. ( e.g., a foreigner should have a appropriate status in Korea either as an employee, visitor, or a short-term resident and continue steadily to renew his/her status as necessary.)

Please find attached with this reaction copies associated with Korean Nationality Act therefore the Enforcement Decree for the Nationality Act.

This reaction ended up being prepared after investigating information that is publicly accessible open to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This reaction just isn’t, and doesn’t purport become, conclusive regarding the merit of any specific claim to refugee status or asylum.


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