The bride cost which will be perhaps not fixed and it’s also often came back to the few at the time associated with the wedding when you look at the complete view of everybody else present

Owo Ijoko Agba: fees when it comes to consent that is elder’s

Owo Baba Gbo : charges for the father’s permission

Owo Iya Gbo : costs for the mother’s permission

Owo Ikanlekun: fees for home knocking

Owo Omo Ile: fees when it comes to young young ones for the home

Owo Isiju Iyawo: charges for unveiling the bride

Owo oko: fees for the bride’s transportation

Owo Iyawo Ile: charges when it comes to married ladies regarding the home

Owo Leta Kika: charges for reading the page

Owo Telephone: a current addition that is modern fees for phone calls built to bring into the bride

Owo Isigba: fees for unveiling the engagement presents

Owo alaga Ijoko: charges when it comes to moderator associated with bride’s family members.

Yoruba engagement Ceremony that is traditional

In the time regarding the old-fashioned engagement, this system that will be frequently moderated by a couple often female, that’s the Alaga Ijoko for the bride’s family while the Alaga Iduro or the groom’s household starts with all the entrance associated with groom along with his entourage, he could be banned from going into the location until he will pay cash towards the Alaga Ijoko whom then ushers him and his entourage to the place with singing and dance.

They go to greet the bride’s family members that are currently seated, with all the males prostrating and also the females kneeling down. Following the greetings, a proposal page through the groom’s family members has become read aloud by the youngest feminine within the bride’s family members, saying their intention to marry the bride.

The groom is built to prostrate with all the buddies first before their family that is own and ahead of the bride’s family members. He could be asked his motives towards the bride and meant to beg on her turn in wedding.

The bride may be the final individual to reach at the location; she actually is veiled, after which escorted in to the site there place by lots of singing to her friends and dance. She kneels in the front of her parents for prayers and then proceeds to complete exactly the same or her groom’s parents. This woman is then unveiled because of the groom’s moms and dads; she joins her husband to be and dresses him up with all the FILA, a conventional Yoruba limit to represent her acceptance associated with union.

The bride goes to the place where the engagement gifts have been arranged and she is asked to pick the most valuable thing there at the instruction of the Alaga Ijoko. She picks within the Bible or Quran that has a ring mounted on it and moves back once again to her groom, he sets the band in the 4th finger of her remaining hand in addition they proceed to slice the marriage that is traditional when there is any.

It really is at this time that the dowry is handed up to the different teams eligible to it, the bride’s daddy makes a show of returning the bride price to your groom after using a sum that is small the complete, to demonstrate the entire world which he really loves their daughter a lot to sell her whilst entreating his brand new son in legislation to simply take good care of her.

This signifies the termination of the old-fashioned wedding rites. However the event continues with plenty of eating and celebratory dancing.

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