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You can even set an accuracy threshold that blocks noisy GPS data. You can specify how often read my article you want the location data to be updated (i.e. every 50 meters). The client matches location data to roads and pathways eliminating routes that go straight through buildings and other weirdness.

  • This is not just a case of the U.S. versus China or Trump versus Biden.
  • In the era of advanced technology, it is now much easier to read Urdu news online.
  • All today`s tasks can be seen on your locked screen with the help of Today’s widget.
  • Location-based apps build their services around a user’s location determined with GPS, Cell ID, or Wi-Fi.
  • I tried to zoom in to a street level but nothing happened… The only thing you can do is to click on a particular “bubble”, which opens a tab with a so-called ‘photo spheres‘ – new 360 photo feature introduced by Google last year.

And yet, people are going through a form of self-mutilation to do just that. Another observation came from a friend who works in the film industry in LA. He says a friend of his was hospitalized with “Covid-19,” and that he only survived his hospital stay because he refused to go on a ventilator.

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The ongoing Covid-19 scamdemic attack against humanity has exposed the cabal and its top leaders for all to see. That makes them an easy target and they are now being systematically hunted down and removed from positions of power. Japan’s slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for example, was “told to retire by Joint Chiefs of Staff member General Jay Raymond,” Pentagon sources say. Raymond, after stepping down as the head of U.S. space command “is the perfect JCS emissary,” they add. Abe was also forced to cancel the Olympics, which deprived his gangster friends of huge amounts of money they had been promised in exchange for going along with the Fukushima attack against Japan.


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