Just how can lesbians have sexual intercourse? What things to understand before very first time

First-time lesbian intercourse

Like you would having sex of any kind for the first time if it’s your first time having sex with a woman or someone with a vulva, Dr Bisbey says you should treat it.

‘Be present along with your partner and invest some time.’ She adds, ‘Make yes you will be clear on permission. And then explore and possess enjoyable!’

interacting with your lover

‘Communicate together with your partner first. Speak about what you need to test, everything you like, and any worries or issues you’ve got,’ she advises. But how will you inform your partner everything you like?

When you have masturbated and invested time checking out your own personal body, make use of the knowledge you have got gained of exactly what seems good to direct your lover.

And don’t forget,‘All social individuals are individuals. So some vulvas will hate penetration as well as other people will like it. Some will cherish sex that is oral others won’t want it. make assumptions about just what individuals will require to intimately centered on genitals they will have.’

Safer sex that is lesbian


Be sure both both you and your partner wash the hands completely before making love. So that you can lower the threat of damage or even the spreading of bacteria, clean using your fingernails and either keep them filed or short smoothly. Eliminate any jewelry like bands, too. allow it to be more unlikely you or your spouse experiences any cuts or tears during intercourse.

Keep in mind, it is also actually imperative that you maintain your sex toys clean, too. After with them, either wash all of them with hot water and soap that is fragrance-free by having a adult toy cleaner. This lower the danger of germs distributing together with threat of transmitting STIs.

Utilizing a quality that is good pH-balanced lubricant not just makes intercourse but in addition decreases the possibility of damage or soreness. If you should be making use of adult toys or condoms, make sure to go with a water-based lubricant (as silicone and oil-based lubes are perhaps not absolutely all suitable for condoms compromise the effectiveness). Fit the lube out into the hand and carefully distribute it throughout the specified area. having anal intercourse of any sort, make sure to make use of an anal lube that is specific these are usually thicker and longer-lasting. as unlike the vagina, the anal area does maybe not self-lubricate.

Exactly like with any intercourse, a danger of STI transmission. ‘Many STIs are passed away from vulva owner to vulva owner – via dental contact, digital contact or sharing adult sex toys without cleansing them,’ Dr Bisbey describes.

While transmission is not as likely during dental intercourse than during penetrative penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus sex, you can still find numerous STIs that could be offered. Most often handed down this real means are herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Although not as likely, chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis A, B and C and HPV – that causes genital warts – are nevertheless in a position to be offered during dental intercourse.

STI tests

Whether you are in a relationship that is monogamous have multiple lovers, it is vital to get regular STI tests. It is easier to obtain tested, with home STI kits – like these from Sexual Health London – which may be delivered to cost-free. These test for chlamydia anal toy cam, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV. simply take the test, get back it at no cost utilising the pre-paid package, along with your outcomes are provided for you via text and email inside a matter of a few short days.

Condoms and dental dams

Dr Bisbey states to reduce the possibility of transmission and also to have safer intercourse, ‘use dental dams for oral-to-genital or oral-to-anal contact.’ Dental dams act like condoms but they are square fit. They may be placed within the vulva or anal area during dental intercourse to generate a protective barrier and reduce steadily the threat of STIs. As dental dams may be harder , you’ll be able to create your very own utilizing a condom. Merely decrease one part and start it down.

Whenever participating in fingering or fisting, Dr Bisbey suggests using gloves as decrease the threat of STI transmission. Finger cots can be used for also anal fingering and play.


Two cisgender women or people that are vulva-having a few don’t need to be concerned about unwelcome maternity. Nevertheless, when you yourself have a vulva as well as your partner features a penis – although they identify as feminine or non-binary – you will definitely nevertheless need certainly to utilize condoms or some type of contraception just like the Pill, implant or coil (IUD).


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