Which had been when you look at the a highlighting pond as well as on five edges of an architectural leaving the same as Stonehenge

JFK was slain throughout the Masonic Dealey Nearby mall, this site regarding exclusive Masonic Resort in early months out-of Tx. This hotel is even the initial fraternal resorts into the Tx throughout this new Tx Trend made to totally free Texas off Mexican manage with one pagan, Satanic obelisk according to Ralph Epperson.

This Nearby mall is nothing more than a mass of esoteric symbolization in fact it is entitled after George Bannerman Dealey who’s an excellent 33rd Education Freemason. The new Eliminating of King ceremony murdered JFK by many people Freemasons and you will JFK are slain from the section in which the sunlight are no more than large point in the Temple of your own Sunshine (california. pm.) from inside the Dealey Retail complex, in the exposure out-of an obelisk.

S. media

It is designed like the truncated pyramid towards capstone destroyed. New Retail complex is also an outside Sun Forehead and JFK’s killing corresponded to the ancient fertility oblation of Destroying of your King. The best people in Freemasonry employed in John F. Kennedys murder try Lyndon B. Johnson and his awesome Sibling Freemasons by the labels out-of Clint Murchinson Sr., Allen Dulles and you may J. Edgar Hoover.

It is strange, but can it be correct? Sure, as at the time from the 1960′s Allen Dulles [Director of your own CIA] and you may top fifty best managers of CBS as well as the most readily useful five-hundred executives of one’s CIA got a party on a yearly basis at the Alibi Bar to the Arizona D.C. Allen Dulles try a prominent person in the fresh assassination who was simply discharged by JFK across the Bay out of Pigs fisaco.

The brand new media is nothing way more tha letter an arm of your CIA in any event by the virtue away from Procedure Mockingbird that has been produced by new CIA from the 1950′s to manage You. Dan Instead, within the murder, try standing within the Multiple Underpass, close to the picket barrier inside the Dealey Plaza whenever Kennedy is actually take to. The author Leonard Mosley remembers which event inside the guide titled Dulles. Now, Dan Rather try a popular broadcaster out of CBS Information and you can a great person in the latest Council out of International Relationships just like a number of other conspirators of one’s Kennedy murder. To this day, Dan Rather on tv readily rejects that murder away from JFK was ever before a conspiracy, but we know a lot better than one to.

People desired much more responses concerning the murder off JFK far more compared to the Masonic FBI you’ll give. Very, for the The fall of. twenty two, 1963, President Johnson approved a manager purchase undertaking the brand new Warren Payment. Following the murder, Earl Warren [ex-Ca governor/instigator of quantity camps during the WWII up against simple Japanese People in the us and most likely a fortunate note the guy did as he are on the new Best Judge try giving college consolidation by the Brownish versus. Panel out-of Degree choice], Gerald Ford [Bilderberg Group], J. Edgar Vacuum cleaner [Warren, Ford, and you will Vacuum are 33rd Education Freemason], John McCloy (CFR representative), and you will Henry Luce (a Skulls and you may Skeleton member), Cartha DeLoach (3rd member of fees of the FBI and Knight of Malta which pent-up and you may fabricated research) was indeed active in the safety-up.

The interest, in reality, is the underp butt beneath the railway overpass

Earl Warren, Gerald Ford, and others created the Warren Payment to determine the newest puzzle and found one to Oswald is actually responsible by yourself. (that’s a rest). The entire percentage are an embarrassment and awarded a stupid miracle-round reason backed by Arlen Spector [an excellent Jewish individual that took part in the fresh Warren Commission and you may part of Skulls and you will Bones]. Henry Luce is more than becoming the main Skulls and you may Skeleton, however, a great Knight out of Malta, [Catholic Secret Society], CFR member, and an editor of your time-Existence magazine during the time. Their office was in Rockefeller Cardio around the out-of Cardinal Spellmans St. Patrick Cathedral bought the new Zapruder Film having 150,100000 Federal Set-aside Cards and blogged the latest notorious forgery from Oswald carrying an excellent rifle towards shelter out-of Life magazine. Luce says Oswald and you can Cuba try employed in JFKs passing, but we are discover a lot better than one to lie.


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