Straight Men out-of Reddit Shared The Most Intimate Exact same-Sex Enjoy, and you may Better, We’re Shook

Straight Men out-of Reddit Shared The Most Intimate Exact same-Sex Enjoy, and you may Better, We’re Shook

To your r/AskReddit, u/Megapumpkin asked “Straight guys regarding Reddit, what is the extremely intimate moment you had with various other boy?” Some of the responses were heartfelt, many had a critical tinge of depression – we’re devastated that folks considered any of these very real thinking needed to be “hidden” lest they be seen once the homosexual.

My mommy experimented with suicide years back. She is hospitalized to possess 30 days. I imagined I am able to handle it but a fourteen days immediately following it simply happened, I experienced on the a fight with my spouse on a celebration and already been weeping. We couldn’t avoid. I entirely unraveled in good pal’s home. My personal best friend put me within his vehicles therefore drove around whenever i sobbed uncontrollably. I’ve never been far more mentally unstable. He did not speak, he only drove to. Then he fell myself of home. We believed plenty most readily useful. The guy never actually will bring it up to this day.

I am upright however, gay for this son

It is sad that numerous straight males getting its really intimate second with various other guy will be leftover magic or perhaps is embarrassing

My personal fraternity sis/roommate are that have an adverse big date. We had been most of the taking however, the guy clearly met with the really and you can texted an old boyfriend, so i delivered him to the area to keep a keen eye with the your. He had genuine unfortunate and you will become weeping, except he was vulnerable in the his masculinity therefore however shout for a few moments exactly how he believed as much as other guys, following reject he felt like that and this duration manage recite all five minutes.

Eventually We broke on your one effect like this was completely great and actually an excellent (better acknowledging than just covering up it). We held him in my own palms while he weeped for around 30 minutes. The guy kept seeking to rebel because the his all abdomen was telling your this wasn’t Okay, however, I just shushed your and rubbed his straight back once i kept your. The guy at some point calmed off and you may went to sleep. You to definitely happened 2 weeks back and we have not talked about they yet, but I am grateful he leading me personally, and you will vow the guy tries myself away if he’s perception by doing this once more.

In the event those individuals is both tales of people are indeed there each most other, you to continual motif try people impact awkward regarding it. Such as for instance, u/Wompingsnatterpuss common his most sexual minute:

Talking other guy out of suicide. The guy just needed you to definitely pay attention. We hugged to possess a stronger half a minute and he sobbed towards my personal breasts. Awkward looking straight back, however in the moment he necessary they.

This package guy later turns up and you can introduces himself around the pretense “I heard you’re gay

Why must you to definitely getting embarrassing? When he states, he requisite it. It is sad when discussing an intimate moment is awkward on account of detected maleness situations. It’s this that i talk about whenever we say that toxic masculinity affects group. There is no guilt when you look at the loving another individual, helping someone else or being indeed there for the next individual, particularly when they require you most.

Even though this option is quite heavier, among the many funnier stories is u/MonsieurMagnet‘s ‘really intimate moment’ tale one to happened to the his answer to The japanese. He was to experience a fighting game, while close is actually a person to tackle an equivalent online game and getting prime score. Because the MonsieurMagnet puts it:

I became incapable of actually get past the initial phase, and that child sees. Therefore he ends up to experience his online game, requires their hands, carefully place them over mine, and you will moves my give and you can forces my hands so i can can do combos with the characters. We check out his sight, laughing out of the absurdity from exactly what so it guy was carrying out. The guy smiles in the me, and goes back in order to their video game.

Probably the funnier, happier ‘really intimate moment’ stories feel the sting of poisonous maleness. The thread are peppered with “zero homo” jokes. And even though all of these Reddit editors desire it an excellent punchline, it simply appear off just like the an unfortunate, vulnerable button for the an otherwise amusing facts.

I had a wife inside the 9th grade just who, upon breaking up, advised folk I was gay. ” Informed me he had been mistaken however, we are able to still be nearest and dearest. I am twenty-seven today and he is my personal closest friend, lol. I’d a breakup and ordered a home and anticipate your getting my personal roomie.


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