The above five universal religious figures are famous not only for the religious positions they hold

They have made a great change in the lives of various people and are striving to make the world a better place to live.

Hillsong which has been pejoratively referred to as a “hipster megachurch” is one of a handful of large Christian churches that utilize modern forms of online media and social media to connect with and attract a younger demographic

Carl Lentz is a pastor who gained some attention for being the pastor of Justin Bieber. Without sharing an opinion, check out the video below to get an idea of the experience of “modern Christianity.”

Alexis Ohanian is an internet businessman and is well known in the online world and outside as the founder of Reddit a unique social news website. He was an inborn entrepreneur and has co-founded a series of other sites like Initialized Capital, travel website Hipmunk social venture Breadpig and has been a partner at Y Combinator too. With such a huge internet experience it was quite obvious that he could take his newest website Reddit to such great heights such that he was often considered the Guru of Internet.

Alexis Ohanian graduated from University of Virginia in commerce and history and joined his friend Steve Huffman and developed an idea MyMobileMenu to Y Combinator. This was successful and soon after the duo went on to launch reddit for the very objective to make it the front page of the Internet escort services in Vancouver.

In the year 2005, Reddit joined a set of startups but in the very next year the company was acquired by Conde Nast. The actual amount was not heard but it was rumored to run into several million dollars. Yet Alexis Ohanian continued to serve the company by remaining as one of the board of directors. But not to let go of his company he and Huffman again took the lead of the company in the year 2015. In 2018 he became more engaged with his investments and other entrepreneurship.

But Alexis Kerry Ohanian as he was known in official circles wasn’t in any way a laggard when it came to investing in a series of websites and internet. Even after having left Reddit in 2010 Ohanian worked in micro-finance business in Armenia. He also launched travel website Hipmunk during this period.

In 2010 Ohanian again launched another venture by name of Das Kapital Capitat that was mainly for start up investing and consultation services. During this time he was named ‘Ambassador of the East’ during the initial stage of Y Combinator and became its full time partner. During this time he also co-founded Initialized Capital too.

It was during his tenure at Initialized Capital that he made series of investments in start ups. This included Instacart, Zenefits, Opendoor and Cruise. In this particular field of internet operation he became the unrivalled leader in the overall breadth of connections that his company had over the rest of the network players. All his ventures were synonymous with quality and in this too he rivaled most other stalwarts of the day.

In the year 2007, he launched Breadpig and started producing usually marketed products and its profits eventually went to charity

In the year Ohanian was in the forefront of open internet activities and was successful in overturning two bills that were against it. He was soon acclaimed as the top most activist whose words counted even among the political elitist as well as for championing causes of free internet or net neutrality. He was declared as Mayor of Internet by Forbes for this very cause.


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