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simplifies software selection by matching customers and their requirements with vendors shortlisted by the site’s expert advisors. There are over 500 software categories and each product page gives you a software overview, 5-point rating system, and reviews by actual users. Reviews center on the pros and cons of the software based on ease of use, functionality, value for money, and customer support. A unique feature of the site is the ability of visitors to get free telephone advice from the company’s team of software analysts, offering to help buyers select the most reliable systems that fit their requirements.

The internet has completely changed the way businesses attract customers and make sales. By the time someone enters your storefront or lands on your website, there is a good chance they’ve already formed an opinion about your business based on online reviews. Because of this, collecting good reviews should be a top marketing strategy for any business.

There are plenty of ways to obtain these reviews, but review management software is the most efficient and streamlined method. Clutch is a B2B software review site that indulges in reviewing and ranking software which has been trusted by top firms and decision makers. Clutch is the best way to gain trust from the users by creating a company profile and getting listed on the website. The company is used by millions of users to find software, consultants, and business services. Clutch is a software reviewing platform that increases the visibility of the software according to user’s reviews.

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This establishes a strong connection between software buyers and sellers, benefitting the former with expert advice and the latter with profitable opportunities. When choosing an email security solution, third party review sites are a godsend and can save you a lot of time in your search.

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Once you choose and prioritize the review sites you want, the system automatically directs customers to the one that works for them. aims to service the need for technology solutions for millions of small businesses. It provides research, studies, and expert advice in the fields of sales, marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources, making it more than just a software directory site but also a general business knowledge center for SMBs.

The product also helps you get more traction from your reviews by displaying them throughout your website and on third-party sites like Google and Facebook. Podium is a review management platform for local businesses. It allows you to text review requests to customers right after an interaction, using templates that speed up the process, and it lets you track and respond to reviews across a number of sites in one place. One of the product’s big selling points is that it’s easy to use on mobile for both you and your customers. The ReviewBuzz reputation management software is similar to most other review generation platforms in that it automates the review generation process.

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It has a dedicated resource page on how to start a business, offering ideas for beginners and the ins and outs of money matters. It offers explainers, buyer’s guide, and reviews of software solutions done by industry experts, professionals, and actual small business owners. The site contains dozens of software categories with each product evaluated and rated by editors and product users based on features and capabilities. When you buy a product or service covered by the site, FitSmallBusiness receives affiliate commissions which go into maintaining the site and keeping it ad-free for visitors.


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