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The disadvantage is that the tool works for all the colors within the image, but many times this is enough and it saves the user the trial and error involved in other methods. This particular filter is not that different from making black and white photos in Photoshop. Once the dialog is open, the user can change the filter color, the strength, the brightness and the contrast.

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The duller the image, the heavier the HDR filter you should apply. If sepia is a bit too much for your taste, but you’re still trying to create a nostalgic, old-timey feel, the Old Photo action has got you covered.

The developers at Affinity Photo know that the program is competing directly with an industry-standard, so the company has worked to include all the major features that Photoshop is known for. The two programs aren’t identical, but Affinity Photo still includes many of the more advanced tools, like photo merging for HDR composites, panoramas, and focus stacking. Affinity Photo and Photoshop have a lot in common, including non-destructive layer editing and both RGB and CMYK color spaces.

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In this post I want to go though five of the most common filters from the Color Efex plugin. For this purpose, I will be using the following image from a lighthouse in Morocco. One of the most popular plugins out there is Color Efex from the software company Nik. What makes this plugin so attractive is that some complex processing techniques that would normally take several steps in Photoshop only take a single step when using it.

The action will adjust the color and contrast of your image, transporting it back in time (visually-speaking). There’s no denying that Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photo editing tool, with loads of built-in features and effects. In fact, if you’re a marketer with little photography or graphic design experience, Photoshop can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Another set of creative plugins, I haven’t used all, and the once I have used i’m very delighted by the outcome.

  • This dialog box appears only after you select this middle column; if you deselect the column, the action uses a default value.
  • Different regions of the image may have differently shaped blurs.
  • loupe to examine an image region, release the mouse button to see a quick preview of the shake reduction changes for that region.
  • For example, the Vignette action, which creates a faded frame around a selection, includes a dialog box that lets you specify the width of the fading.
  • Automatic camera shake reduction takes into account the blur trace for just the default region of the image that Photoshop has determined as most suitable for blur estimation.
  • To further fine-tune the image, you can have Photoshop compute and consider blur traces for multiple regions.

Ink is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to see additional information on a design you’re creating — this includes text size, font name, color codes, and the size of your image in pixels. It also gives you grid lines to help you center and level your artwork. The Lithprint action imitates the vintage look produced by the black-and-white lith printing process. But compared to the other vintage filters on this list, Lithprint is much more drastic. In One more thing. I still use this 7 Zip release. It works good for me. addition to adjusting contrast, highlights, and shadows in your image, it adds a gritty texture.

Right off the bat, however, there are clear differences between the programs — because while Photoshop costs $10 a month, Affinity Photo has a one-time fee of $50. While Affinity Photo’s incremental updates are free, moving from version 1.0 to 2.0 will not be. While Adobe may be slowly bringing the Photoshop iPad app up-to-speed with the desktop app, Affinity Photo already has a fully-fledged iPad version. While the UI is re-designed for iPad, Affinity Photo has the same tools on the mobile app as it does on Windows and Mac. But, even for photographers that don’t own an iPad, Affinity Photo has one of the longest lists of features of any Photoshop alternative.

As its name suggests, the Dream Blur action adds a filter to your image that creates a subtle, dream-like atmosphere. Specifically, the action produces a dark, blurry vignette at the edges of your image while also upping the saturation levels. HDR Tools is a set of four "actions" that transforms dull backgrounds to reveal intense, eye-catching details. You can turn natural grey tones into beautiful backgrounds that create a contrast against the foreground you didn’t have before.


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