Crazy Girls, Crazy Nights: Real Lesbian Intercourse Tales (Paperback)

Praise For…

“Real females, genuine intercourse. Really hot! Sacchi Greene established fact in lesbian erotica circles, having written for, and much more recently, edited numerous anthologies through the years. Crazy Girls, Crazy Nights could be the time that is first has collected tales from both posted and new article writers about their very own intimate experiences. You will find tales about very very first times, threesomes, forbidden sex throughout the ‘Don’t Ask do not Tell’ era within the US military, strap-ons, adult sex toys and meetings that are online develop into love and marriage. ” -Curve Mag

“a middle that is good between softness and purity, additionally the gritty truth of females once you understand what they need, then venturing out to have it. It really is just a damn good, thorough, well-organized guide. ” –Millennial Toybox

“Butch-femme, BDSM, vanilla, spanking, plus one fox that is wild this anthology has a tale for virtually any flavor! From the 20 tales presented in this collection there clearly wasn’t one i did not like- every story ended up being unique, engaging, and had a various flair to it. We enjoyed reading some writers whose tales i have look over prior to and in addition enjoyed discovering some brand new writers. ” –Lipstick Lesbian Reviews

“a pervy that is little but oh so believable. ” –Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice

“truth does not have to be prosaic. Real intercourse could be damp, messy, frenzied, often also embarrassing, but never ever boring. With your authors and seventeen more, Wild Girls Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories is the evidence of that. ” –Lezbelib

“This anthology is not just hot, fast-paced, and horny, but it is deliciously unforgettable. ” –V.C., composer of the person in addition to the whole world

“Sacchi Green has collected together stories that blow my head. ” -Kink, etc

“when you are into the mood for sexy tales which also perform some (extremely appealing) work of representing various kinds of relationships, debunking sexist stereotypes, and showing the capability for care between individuals, then this might be your guide. ” –Slixa

“Instead unusually, this collection that is raunchy of intercourse tales is founded on personal experiences as opposed to fantasies. Composing honours are provided between well-known names and newcomers. ” –Erotic Trade Just

“There are very first times, life-long commitments, and fleeting encounters to relish for lifelong. ” –Erotica Visitors and Writers Association

“Anyone teen tranny tubes whom assumes erotica is simply not their thing may think hard after reading these tales. There is heat and mankind right right here, and an amazing stability of intercourse with storytelling. We picked it to pass through the full time on a humid evening made also swampier by the hours-long storm that is electrical. Through the time I began reading it down for the night, the temperature in my room rose five degrees until I put. Simply saying. Crazy Girls, Crazy Nights is fresh, provocative and incredibly hot. ” –Lambda Literary

“If for example the main interest is actually in reading some hot, believable, girl-on-girl stories, you’ll not be disappointed. ” –Erotica Revealed”

This really is an erotic guide perhaps not become missed. It really is smoking hawt! Ms. Green brought together some amazing smexy f/f stories. People who enjoy a myriad of kinky fetishes with woman on woman intercourse, here is the written guide to learn. ” –BDSM Book Reviews

“Ladies who love women can kick their hot-and-sweaty summer time into high gear with crazy Girls, crazy Nights: True sex that is lesbian, an anthology of real tales from genuine ladies, modified by Sacchi Green. Intimate, unrestrained information on damp, messy, frenzied and sometimes also embarrassing intercourse lives unfold in one single tantalizing story after another, the total assortment of that are certain to include a bit more heat towards the beach. ” –Frontiers Los Angeles

“Indeed, these tales are crazy and sensual and so they have huge variations from utilizing strap-ons to a little bit of S and M and take place in places all around the globe. ” –Amos Lassen

“This tale is all about the good thing about linking with your personal desire and something that is finding did not even understand you required. ” –Miel Rose


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