The Western globe may accept him through the vigilante fluctuations “Occupy Pedophilia,” that entraps homosexual men and boys through artificial social media marketing users within the guise of fulfilling additional LGBT young people.

The subjects become outdone and humiliated by Tesak or his followers on digital camera. As soon as the torture has ended, the video include dumped online for other individuals to look at.

Tesak tempted these young gay people through artificial social networking users underneath the guise of satisfying different LGBT teens.

Structure 18

In 2005, Tesak launched an aggressive white-power business known as structure 18, attempting to unite the Russian skinheads. 18 meaning Adolf Hitler — A is 1 st and H the 8 th page into the Roman alphabet.

The hatred against Russian minorities extends back to their youth. After getting also known as right up for compulsory military solution (at that time 24 months), a fellow-soldier of Azerbaijani origins overcome your up so very bad that, following a mental health analysis psychiatrists circulated him from solution.

Many years later on, their people style 18 utilized online to acquire people who have close tips and shock individuals aided by the video clips of skinheads conquering and stabbing Asian migrant professionals and homeless. At that time net video had been unusual. 1st movie on Youtube was actually uploaded equivalent year in 2005 on April 23 rd .

Ross Kemp checked out Tesak also people in Moscow in their training design when it comes best dating sites for Alaska down to documentary collection for Ross Kemp on Gangs and was first introducing Tesak to English-speaking globe with “From Russia with detest.”

The very carefully orchestrated assaults gathered news focus in 2007 when a video name The delivery of a Tajik appeared. The shocking video clip featured an execution of two drug sellers from Caucasus area when you look at the woodland near Moscow. The boys are hanged and dismembered by 20 visitors dressed up in white robes on the Ku Klux Klan.

In 2009, the Supreme legal of Russia located Tesak and another member of style 18 Artem Zuev responsible for “inciting hatred or enmity on the grounds of nationality or religious affiliation” and sentenced both boys 36 months in jail, Zuev with probation.

The defendants generated the court think the video got staged just like the remaining portion of the clips, therefore the lightweight phrase. Tesak managed the hanging was simply a dramatization, the skin with the dismembered captives was actually beef, and referred to themselves as “producer,” “director” and “a creative individual.”

The agencies of Investigative Committee of Russia evaluating the excecution movie concerned.

Surprisingly, The Russian Investigative Committee advertised the activities found in the video really performed take place. The website of structure 18 where movies happened to be at first uploaded got closed in the request of an anti-fascist organization along with 2010 the entire class was actually blocked for extremism from the judge.

No body might attempted the so-called beheading.

After their second trial, Tesak forecast his decision to reporters:

In my opinion they are going to provide myself 5 years considering that the medicine traffickers were, when I read, by our very own structure, an insulated personal people. In theory, I concur with the decision associated with the judge and also to apologize. I am pleased I never discussed pedophiles because I think chances are they might have offered me a tougher sentence. We suspect the pedophiles include a far more secure cluster.

Tesak was launched on December 31, 2010.

Occupy Pedophilia

As assured, immediately after their launch Tesak developed “Occupy Pedophilia” — another “personal task” geared towards marketing nationwide Socialism and reasons to conquer and humiliate individuals. The guy states combat pedophiles., but oftentimes, the targets tend to be homosexual people. These include tempted utilizing online dating sites and social network for raw abuse — all videotaped and uploaded using the internet for any other to watch.

20-year-old dark-skinned overseas beginner David Smith lured to fulfill an imaginary gay 15-year-old child. Their tresses had been cut, in which he ended up being compelled to hug a watermelon (age permission in Russia are 16).

A few of the men caught on cam actually are pedophiles, but the range for vigilantes is actually thin. From times of communism, gay males in Russia are notices pedophiles. The adverse stereotype of homosexual guys as kid molesters provides best already been lose inside the civilized western community, it is however quite lively in east. Usually, the adjective for somebody becoming homosexual “pederasty”, which means both homosexual and pedophile exactly like it was in the criminal codec of Soviet Union.

Through the criminal codec of Soviet Union. Artice 121. Pederasty. Intimate interaction of a guy with one (pederasty), shall be penalized by deprivation of versatility for a phrase as high as 5 years. Pederasty committed aided by the application of real force, or dangers, or with regards to a minor, or using the based upon situation from the prey, will probably be penalized by starvation of freedom for a term as high as eight age

Interestingly adequate, there were no guidelines against feminine homosexuality.

Tesak looks in just a portion of the videos. Vigilantes in almost any towns and cities than Moscow use the exact same style, but Tesak takes the reputation for beginning they. He even goes as much as asking revenue to get element of “the hunt for pedophiles” and calls they “safari.”

Many boys within the videos went missing for unidentified explanations; possibly they have been killed or taken their own everyday lives out-of shame.

The motion has extreme market and hot subject on Russian social media web sites — generally on

The Restruct

Tesak has experienced a turn in every thing — from bodybuilding and vlogging to ponzi-schemes and authorship. Restruct was a sort of successor for style 18 that was banned. The main reason is spreading state Socialism ideology, find pedophiles and medicine retailers.

The ebook carries the same name and is also a kind of autobiography of Tesak (published by himself!) where the guy thoroughly describes everything that features happened to him in prison and just what he ponders the present political program.

Tesak has become on the Russian Web world for long time and has actually accumulated many supporters.


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