The group, here at Ann Summers, are specialists in intercourse and relationships. We really think that with all the right advice, recommendations and toys, we could re-ignite the flame in just about any relationship. Night out Clinic was created by those within the recognize to tackle flagging relationships and inject more than just a little lust and entire lotta love. We hand selected partners and received up an idea to ideal help their relationships. Meet couple one to see so just how life Ann that is changing Summers actually be.


NAMES: Christine and Patrick

AGES: Christine (28) and Patrick (28)




Recently we now have gone a great couple of weeks with out intercourse. We’re certainly not yes why, since when it occurs it is extremely passionate, it may possibly be because we lead really busy lives and time that is just lack. We don’t love to feel we get down to it like we are against the clock when.

But whenever we have actually a justification in which to stay, then we’re keen to find out just how Ann Summers might help things along.

This week we desired Christine and Patrick to re-ignite the spark they felt if they first came across. We aimed to produce the butterflies and therefore I-just-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you sort of excitement. We delivered items, tricks and tips to inject only a little additional lust within their love life and place their dry spell to a rather end that is definite.

Life might be busy but sex should not have a straight back seat, reunite behind the wheel and get ready for fireworks.


This is exactly about slow seduction and winding down, but you’ll be astonished so just how quickly things can hot up.

Incorporating vibration to foreplay means you can explore and excite each other’s erogenous areas and build amazing stress. World orgasms that are shattering simply just about to happen but wait, it’ll be well worth the hold off.

The fans Cock Ring guarantees she receives fabulous, clitoral stimulation that he keeps his erection for longer and.


Our typical ‘nights in’ consist of watching television or both of us scrolling through our phones and from giving each other our undivided attention although we talk, there’s always a distraction that prevents us. Because of this it’s resulted in our sex-life going for a straight back seat. Not surprisingly, our relationship is quite loving so we quite definitely together enjoy spending time.

Whenever we discovered that individuals was indeed chosen when it comes to night out Clinic we had been both excited, much more then when we received our Ann Summers package and wondering and hopeful for our evening in to use the toys out.

We set a day for the night out and had been packed with expectation. We had been keen in order to make this night dissimilar to how exactly we often invest our evenings in, so we planned a intimate dinner in. We observed this by way of a soak into the bath, one thing we now haven’t done before. We place our phones away and kept the television down. We created a calm and romantic environment with low lights, candles and music. After our soak within the bath I slipped into one thing pleasing into the attention, often there wasn’t always time for you to turn into one thing sexy, however it ended up being well worth taking the time and Patrick appeared to want it.

We began because of the therapeutic massage oil, one thing we don’t frequently utilize. It smelt great, it absolutely wasn’t oily like some natural natural oils are, and surely put into making the therapeutic therapeutic therapeutic massage sensual. We felt that the oil had been well well well worth the fee, as only a little goes a long way. The therapeutic massage offered us time for you to flake out and chat, while additionally incorporating that additional spark to heat up things up making us a lot more than ready to test out of the toys.

Patrick ended hot swedish wives up being sceptical concerning the Climax energy Bullet, but he quickly learned that bullets are the maximum amount of for guys because they are for ladies! The bullet ended up being extremely effective so we enjoyed checking out the settings, while checking out that which we both liked probably the most. We would absolutely suggest this model to other people. After making use of the bullet we were a lot more than willing to go on it to your level that is next.

The lovers were used by us Cock Ring and WOW! I’d an orgasm that is simultaneous was using this globe! Once I first saw the Cock Ring I was thinking it could be cumbersome, block off the road and stay just a little uncomfortable, but just how incorrect I happened to be. It’s a product worth having at the region of the sleep.

Our date was incredible, it gave us chance to unwind, catch up and really enjoy each other without any distractions night. We both actually enjoyed the evening and felt it had been more special than our nights that are usual and actually reignited the passion between us. We had been currently quite in-tune in what the two of us want intimately and emotionally, although Patrick did find out I favor clitoral stimulation. The night out has rekindled the excitement we first got together, and since our ‘night in’ we’ve had difficulty keeping our hands off each other that we had when.

Overall we might speed our evening therefore the Ann Summers items that we utilized 10 /10.

We’re currently anticipating to your night that is next in; we won’t be spending it at the TV that’s for certain.

To indulge in Date evening Clinic please e-mail megan_m@annsummers.com utilizing the information that is following

  • Your names
  • Ages
  • just how long you’ve been together
  • hitched?
  • Are you experiencing kiddies?
  • an image of you together
  • a brief history of any ‘problem’ that you’re facing in the sack at present ( perhaps not enough time/low sex drive/unable to attain orgasm during sex etc).

The two of you will have to be very happy to be showcased from the weblog, as well as your picture and review.


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